Occupational Therapy is an applied health profession which helps individuals perform fully within their “occupations” of daily living. For a child, this means at home, school, community, and at play. Occupational therapists view a child and the child’s environment in a holistic manner. A child is influenced by his or her environment and must adapt to the demands of a continually changing environment. Taking into account the priorities of the family and child, occupational therapists work with the family to determine the strengths and limitations within the areas of performance: fine motor and gross motor development, social emotional regulation, sensory processing, and psychosocial functioning, self help skills, and cognitive development. Through identified therapeutic interventions, designed as play, the therapist will guide the child through tasks which will promote improved functioning. So in essence, what the child views as “play” is truly moving them towards meeting the desired and functional outcomes! Most children love therapy sessions!!


  • Cigna
  • First Choice Health Network
  • Kaiser plan (authorization contract from Kaiser required)
  • Premera (employer-based plans)
  • Private Pay
  • Regence (employer-based plans)
  • Tricare/Health Net
  • US Family Health Plan


      • Fine Motor Development
      • Visual Motor/Handwriting Development
      • Gross Motor Development
      • Postural Control and Strengthening
      • Self Regulation, including strategies for anxiety, attention, and emotional regulation
      • Sensory Processing
      • Reflex Integration
      • Self Help Skills (dressing, feeding, grooming)
      • Play Skills
      • Engagement and Social Reciprocity
      • Social Skills
      • Executive Functioning Skills
      • Visual Perceptual Skills
      • Screening and accommodations for Oculomotor and Visual Impairments
      • Learning Disabilities in School
      • Consultation with schools regarding IEP (Individualized Education Plan) development and/or Independent Occupational Therapy Evaluation (preschool and elementary only)


  • Contact your Physician and request a referral for an Occupational Therapy Evaluation. Many times you may call your pediatrician’s office to make the request and their office will fax the referral directly to our office.
  • Ensure you have insurance benefits to cover OT services. Complete the insurance verification form and return to our office. We will verify benefits and request necessary authorizations. However, it is your responsibility to make sure you have insurance benefits as services are rendered.
  • Complete the Parent Intake Form and return to our office before the evaluation. This allows us to address all of your incoming concerns and know how to best support your child and family.
  • Once the physician’s referral is received, insurance benefits are verified, authorization obtained, and all necessary paperwork is received, your child will be scheduled for evaluation. If there is a wait list, your name will be added only when all documentation is received.

Parent Intake Form
Insurance Verification
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